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  June 10. 2007
  YKA Industries launches new website targeted at providing high-end Marina Construction Services.  
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  Marina Finger Piers Contractor June 7. 2007  
  YKA contstructed marinas are equipped with the only latest and materials designed to last.  
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  May 21. 2007  
  Yka Marina Construction can be seen at Marina Del Rey in California.  
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Marina Development Contractor

Luxury Marina Development Contractor & Construction Services

Whether you require private docks, luxury marinas or commercial terminals, YKA take special pride in building docks that compliment and enhance the character of each marina project. YKA Structures are beautiful, not only to use, but to behold. For ease of maintenance and investment return, no other system matches YKA. Whether a small or large project, YKA provides the same quality and attention to details.

Marina/ Marine Construction

YKA marinas are equipped with state of the art safety features

Finger Dock Construction

The mooring cleats are cast ductile iron – hot dip galvanized, great for salt water. The cleats are the key to safely mooring a vessel to a dock.

Boat Dock Construction and Development

All bolts and fasteners are hot dipped galvanized, and the power boxes are UL listed.

Boat Dock Restoration
  • The bumper strip is a heavy duty marine grade vinyl, which protects the boats from hitting the whalers.
  • Pile caps are constructed of high gloss, long lasting fiberglass, with a layer of gel – coat protection for long lasting beauty.
  • The floatation system in this marina is constructed of polyethylene pontoons and polystyrene foam core.
  • YKA marinas are constructed of all #1 or better, ACZA pressure treated lumber, with .60 penetration, and pressure treated marine plywood.
  • Decking, made of “Trimax lumber” is a high performance construction material produced from recycled plastic through a new patented process. “Trimax” resists attacks by termites, insects and marine borers. It outlasts all treated wood and does not erode in salt water. It is weather resistant, and most importantly is maintenance free.
Marine Development

The gang way coating is a special formulated non-skid acrylic deck coating suitable fro marine use. It is very easy to maintain, and to keep clean.

Marina Finger Piers

These marina power centers represent the latest in technology and design, combining appearance and functionality. These power centers are excellent for dock box and post applications, offering a wide array of accessories including: light, photoelectric sensor, telephone, cable T.V. connections and electric metering. All this in one small attractive power center.

Marina Rehabilitation

The storage boxes are manufactured from heavy duty white fiberglass, and are constructed with two stainless steel restraining chains and locking hasp.



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